The personification of creativity, talent,
self-reliance and passion.

Amy Tjasink is an exceptionally talented 23 year-old singer-songwriter from Cape Town, creating folk/country and pop music with a unique vocal twist reminiscent of the early Taylor Swift blended with a sweetened John Mayer. Harbouring an undeniable creativity, she plays guitar and piano and is completely self-styled. Armed with her recently completed 8-track debut EP, titled ‘Average Jane’, and with sheer grit and determination, Amy is set to make a mark on an industry already filled to the brim with talent; with one big difference – she’s doing it by herself, for herself.

As young as she can remember, Amy was creatively involved in entertainment, acting and singing in school productions – but it wasn’t until she was 14, when she picked up her father’s guitar for the first time, that she met her passion for music. Not long after, on her 15th birthday, her parents gave Amy her very own guitar and from that moment, she hasn’t looked back, teaching herself to play a myriad of other instruments in the process.

Soon, Amy had her debut public performance at her school’s Variety Concert in 2007, and from that day on, she seized every opportunity to perform; ranging from fundraisers to talent shows. Eventually, the first pinnacle of her fledgling music career arrived, when Amy and the garage-style band she formed were spotted and invited to open for one of South Africa’s leading bands: Prime Circle.

After completing school in 2010, Amy went on to study musical performance at ACM@COPA, a music school in Cape Town specialising in vocals, guitar and business management. In addition to graduating with distinctions in all subjects, Amy won Student of the Year two years running. Eager not to waste time, her college years were spent teaching guitar to children in her community as well as gigging at popular venues in and around Cape Town.  By the time she graduated, her musical style was clear: country and folk, easy-listening music.

Armed with all she had learned in college and her little black book adorned with her own music and lyrics, Amy kicked off her career, applying for her first professional contract on board the MSC Opera, an Italian cruise liner, for a five month contract with nightly performances.

Once she had completed her first contract, she returned to South Africa and moved forward with plans to start a new venture: opening her own company, Nash Music, with a partner. Together, they performed cover songs for private functions and corporate events, but eventually, Amy realised that she had lost focus and decided to get back to her roots; her passion: songwriting. It was with this epiphany that Amy realized her true calling: playing her own music, not only for her fans but to the world.

Given how all things need capital, Amy devised a plan: she applied for another contract, this time with P&O Cruises in Australia. Her dedication and hard work were soon noticed when she was promoted to Music Coordinator after only three weeks on board. She worked with them for four months – again performing every evening – and returned to Cape Town in January 2016, ready to get her songs captured on tape.

With no hesitation, Amy contacted talented producer Colin Sher, invested her earnings in herself and set out to record a 5-track EP (mini album, extended playlist) titled ‘Average Jane’; a process she completed within a month. Soaking up the creative atmosphere at Cosher Studios, Cape Town, Amy began her transformation in preparation for the launch of her first EP, which was released for an impressive guest list on the 8th of August 2016, at Suikerbossie Restaurant.

With a huge turnout, and the support from her amazing band, the launch was an absolute success, and has opened up many doors for the inspiring singer-songwriter. She has since begun the first stages of her recordings for her full debut album set to be released in early 2017. “You can expect this album to have a stronger rock element, a new idea to my music which proved to work really well in live performances, a sound I had never thought of exploring before”, says Amy.

It goes without saying that Amy is paving her own road, and when asked what she believes in most, it’s in creating her own opportunities:

“Doors only open if you make them.” Amy states, “Next to an arsenal full of talent and ambition to help get you noticed, you need to be equipped with the right attitude.”

Although laid back and soft spoken, the right attitude is one thing, like talent, that Amy has no shortage of. Determined to have her music grace ears the world across and with a plan to make it happen, Amy Tjasink – the average Jane – may very soon be known across the globe as anything but average.